This is the first of what I hope to become a monthly sum up of what has been going on as well as a little taster as to what is to come in the next few weeks.


Well this turned into a very busy month for me certainly as well as a couple of the other members of the forum.  First came the article in the Sunderland Echo that certainly raised out profile a lot.  Then demonstrations down in Hartlepool at the ‘Tiffin on the Trinc’ steampunk convention which I think were very well received.  Topped off with an article for Sky Tyne and Wear with an absolutely fantastic video of me beating up poor Andrew.

So what has all this taught us?  Well it is clear that people are interested in what we are doing and that in itself is a great boost.  It shows we can do good quality demonstrations and I am hoping that we can get places to appear at more conventions in the coming months.  Most of all though it has proven to me that if we keep working hard at researching and practising our art we can continue to go from strength to strength over this coming year.


With the giddy heights of media appearances and convention appearances behind us this month seems a little quieter … so far!  In many ways this is good as it means we can get back to focusing on our training, but I am not ruling out that we may end up doing more if the opportunities appear.

So week one this month is Pugilism which will be focusing I think on holding your ground and defending with movement.  Week two will see a continuation of using kicking combinations as well as our first short training slot being lead by one of our Scholars.  Week three is grappling and if all goes well we should finally have our mats so this will be mostly a class of learning how to fall (with style).  Weapons in week four will continue to be working with the cane looking at the second half of the eight position parry sequence.  And as it is a five week month the random class by request will be a look at cloak / coat as a means of self defence within Bartitsu.

So with all that said …. fight on!


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