First of all I need to apologise for the lateness of this post.  Normally I try to get these monthly round ups in at the end of the previous months but unfortunately I have just not found the time to do it until now.  As we are half way through the month now there is little new news to pass on, but for those irregular members (or those taking paternity breaks) it might prove useful to still say a little about what is going on.


The last month has been quiet hard work, but very worthwhile from a training point of view.  The injection of some new blood combined with Euan taking over a couple of warm up has lead to classes that are a little more high energy than we are used to … but I think we have all benefited no matter how much we complained at the time.  Looking at combination punching and kicking over the first couple of classes has I think given people a chance to find some level of comfort within each discipline so I’ll be focusing more on integration from now on.  Knowing a couple more take downs as well as having covered basic ground fighting has lead to a change in the way free play has been going so it is clear people are gaining confidence in hitting the mats.   Most encouraging to me over all though was the progress made with cane with most of the class now grasping the fact it is not a sword! 


The focus of the pugilism class this month was on slipping punches rather than blocking them; but more importantly learning which strikes are worth slipping.  Combined with some foot work drills I think this has made freeplay much more mobile for a lot of people and the static slug fests are disappearing.  Savate last night was focusing on combination low kicks worked into striking and grappling drills.  Taking away the barrier between the individual disciplines of Bartitsu can be difficult but we are slowly getting the hang of moving between medium and short range fighting.

So next week will be Ju-Jitsu again and we will continue our journey through the canonical Bartitsu take downs and look some more at what to do with your opponent once you have dropped them.  After this the weapons class will focus on using the cane with two hands rather than just one as we have been so far.  Hopefully this will open freeplay up to some much more tactical bouts with cane.

Looking Ahead

This month did not start all that well as I have been informed the price of the hall will be going up as of October.  Unfortunately this means that unless new members can be recruited I’ll have to increase the cost by £1 per session.  It is not something I want to do but we have to be able to pay our bills and to be honest I think it still represents good value for money.  Still if we can get more people in then everyone is a winner.

On a brighter note we are now only three days away from the School of Arms!  This should be an exciting event and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can to bring back to the forum … it looks like the fifth session next month may become a report back on the School of Arms and a whistle stop tour of some of the techniques I learned.  On top of that the list of attendees (other than myself) reads as a who’s who of modern Bartitsu .  The chance to talk to such knowledgeable and passionate people I will of course be making the most of.

So with winter approaching, and cooler temperatures for training, it is time to ramp up the pace a little as the BAF moves forward from strength to strength.


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