Well another month has rolled around and the Bartitsu Armature Forum as usual is awash with change; but mostly in the right direction.


This was an amazing month and I put this down to one thing alone … the School of Arms at Beamish (see my quick overview posted last month).  Personally it was an amazing and useful event for me but I think everyone who attended the grappling and cane sessions I have run since will agree the benefits are being passed onto the rest of you.  I think my renewed interest, increased skill and determination has rubbed off on a few and I hope that the increased drive to deliver and take part in quality training will continue for quite some time. 


Whilst this month sees fees go up there are some things to look forward to as well.  Tonight sees us looking at pugilism in a slightly new light as we explore some dirty boxing and ways of controlling the centre line.  Next week will be less direct Savate and more a focus on gaining and exploiting the outside line with both punches and kicks.  The Ju-jitsu session this month will build on the principles of last month looking at a couple more takedowns as well as some nasty things you can do to a prone opponent.  Rounding off the usual syllabus with be a continued look at integrating Irish stick fighting and starting to look at a more dynamic version of Bartitsu cane work.

This leaves us a fifth week this month to look at a topic on the fringe of Bartitsu or something just a little different and fun.  So far I have had requests for more cloak / coat defence against knife attacks and a deeper look at some of the sabre / single stick material we have looked at previously.  We will make the decision tonight so if there is something you want to study then bring your ideas with you and we will see what people want.

Looking Ahead

Currently I am in negotiations for setting up a second weekly Bartitsu class!  Whether this will be a Bartitsu inspired self defence class, Bartitsu being taught out of City Space as part of their martial arts programme or a student society starting within the University of Sunderland is yet to be seen.  Whatever it ends up being, which will depend a lot on those who intent to attend, it will be a big step forward and I am really looking forward to it.


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