As you may have guessed from how late this post is … it has been a busy month for me. So I apologise for the delay but hope that this update will prove worth the wait.



This last month ended up with a much more focused core of material than I planned but somehow I think it all came together quiet well. The generating power at short range we did looking at controlling the inside line translated well to the dirty boxing we did in grappling as well as the cane work we did this month. Looking at controlling the outside line was used again in grappling as well as when using pommel hooks in cane. The most interesting thing personally I think was the introduction of milling and the effect this had both on techniques and sparring. This is something we defiantly be looking more at in the coming months.



This month started with a look at control, distance and focus in the pugilism class. The concept of measure is difficult to grasp but I think we are slowly starting to get there as well as being a little more in control of what our bodies are doing. This week in Savate we will be focusing on purely kicks again. We have not done them for a while so it will just be warming the legs up and looking at ways to combine kicks and possibly throwing in a few punches too. Grappling this month will be a more serious look at breakfalls. Having looked at take downs we want to move onto some simple throws but we cannot do that safely till people can roll and fall with style! The final week will be cane again as we look more at the integration of styles to get closer to what was actually taught in the original London school. To break things up we may look a little at cane verses different weapons and the best tactics to employ.


The Monday Night Class

At the end of this month there will also be a short trial run of a Monday night class to see if it is feasible more long term. Unlike the Tuesday class this one will be more situational self defence than full on martial art. As such I am calling it a Bartitsu inspired self defence class that is aimed more at people looking to stay safe rather than learn how to fight. More on this to follow in a separate post.


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