Seems like a long time ago now but we did have classes in the dim and distant last month of 2013, although slightly less than we had planned.  Still we covered some good ground on the basics of pugilism and savate as well as worked on our first official throw in Ju-Jitsu.  December also saw the trial run of a separate self defence based class that although not greatly attended opened the door to some interesting material.

Reflecting more generally on the year gone by it is nice to see how far we have come in twelve months.  Techniques have become more sophisticated, skills have been developed and the class has grown in numbers.  We have also been in the press a couple of times as well as done a couple of demonstrations at events.  Although I could not say how or when it happened, we have moved from a small interest group to a respectable society over the last year and I am proud of everyone who has played a part in making that happen.


We start again this year on the 7th of January giving us a normal four week month.  I think that as we start the new year it is a good time to recap on the basic of Bartitsu.  In part this will allow newer members to catch up, but also ensure we are building from a solid foundation for the coming year.  So in Pugilism we will be looking at footwork, milling and punching combinations whilst in Savate the focus will be on flexibility, balance and kicking combinations.  For grappling we will be looking at some new take down and throws building on the mechanical principles we have been looking at last year.  For weaponry I would like to continue looking at cane for the most part but with a little time spent looking at belt as well.

As we go through the year I am hoping we will be more active on the demonstrations front as well as hopefully getting a couple of weekend seminars in as well in collaboration with other Bartitsu groups.  It would also be nice to see out numbers grow a little but with the introduction of more self defence based aspects I am sure this will occur.  My other main goal for this year is to see us acquiring enough equipment to be able to start sparring and pressure testing with weapons as I think this will greatly help us develop in this area.

So in summary, we have had a great year and I am hoping the next one will be just as good.


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