Another month has come and gone and we are now well and truly into the new year. A slight change to venue (same building but different room), some demonstrations lined up and of course another month of regular training. All in all a strong start to the new year that I am sure will continue.


This was a good month of training that really served to stress the main ways of power generation in Bartitsu. By using the drop step it is easy to generate power, this means not that we can hit harder but we can hit more accurately and better as we are not using our limbs to power our attacks. This was the basis of both our pugilism and savate classes this month and the theme carried on through the other two classes to a lesser extent. Grappling focused on clinching and take down with a view to getting the body mechanics right and not relying on strength. Weaponry was a split class with the first half looking at power generation in traditional Vigny style cane. The second half we revisited belt combat. Part of this also experimented with darting techniques found in many Eastern martial arts for flexible weapons; however it was hard to see the effort required to make the techniques effective as worth while.


Looking forward to the coming month the plan was to get back to doing a little more sparring and getting a little more serious about the physical training again … well that was the plan! The first week went off track as we looked more at grappling than pugilism but I think most people found it useful. There was also an experimental look at trying to apply rapier voiding principles to slipping and punching … surprisingly you can!

Next week we will be looking at combining pugilism and savate into combinations. Taking separate arts and trying to combine them into a real sparring system. Grappling will be a session looking mostly at join lock, both standing and as part of ground fighting. Finally we will be looking at a split weapon class between cane work and belt again.


We have also booked our first two demonstrations this year. Later in the year we will be at the Doncaster Steampunk Weekend, but I will give you more details about that nearer the time. Closer than that is a demonstration we will be doing at the Steampunk meet up in Newcastle at the end of the month. This will be taking place at the Bridge Inn on the 23rd of February starting at 1pm and as well as us there will be stalls, music and much more. So if you are looking for a good way to spend the afternoon come along.


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