April 2014


March passed in somewhat of a blur but there were still some key points to take from it.  The work we did in Pugilism and Savate moved from just techniques to looking at some fighting theory and I think people found that useful in trying to string together combinations of moves in sparring.  Looking at more clinch techniques in grappling was not the plan, but temporary lack of mats made more adventures work impractical.  However it gave us a chance to look at closing into grappling range again which proved to be very useful.  Then working with canes again we looked at transitioning from one style to another and some members really started to get there head around the ambidexterity of Bartitsu cane.

There were also some issues with the venue that we needed to resolve.  However, at least until the summer, we will be at the same location but moving over to a Wednesday night.  Hopefully this will not cause too much disruption and does give us back the better room and easier access to the training mats.


Given we are already half way through the month two of the classes have already gone.  Pugilism and Savate focused again on combinations of kicks and punches with more emphasis on footwork which is clearly something that will become a running theme for the next few months.  The rest of the month should see us looking at break falls and throws in grappling as we learn to use the floor as an improvised weapon.  Cane will again be looking at learning to switch from hand to hand and style to style to create a constant whirling wall of attacks and defences.

As we have a five week month the last session will be something a little different.  As that night correspondeds with the two year anniversary of the club as well as the instructor’s birthday it was decided a celebration was needed.  So this night will be mostly an evening of less serious training and contests of a martial but not all together too serious nature.  This will be followed by an early finish and compulsory food and drink at the pub.

Looking Forward

Whilst there is nothing new to announce as yet, I am just finalising the details of the Doncaster Steam Punk Event so there will be a notice about that shortly.  We will also be looking this month at ordering club t-shirts as well as sorting out guards for the up and coming single stick summer school.  So expect more notices soon.


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