Public Demonstrations

Whilst it was never the intention when the Bartitsu & Antagonistics Forum was created, it has over the years been asked to perform numerous demonstrations at public events.  A majority of these have been linked to Steampunk festivals although we have also contributed to academic symposiums as well as local interest events.  Over time this has grown to be an important part of our work and we now consider ourselves actively involved in education as well as research and training.  Going forward we will continue to seek out opportunities to demonstrate what we do to the public and interested parties in the hope of providing education and entertainment in equal measure.

The Brass Market 2015

What Do We Offer?

Tiffin in the Park 2014

Demonstrations – Normally lasting in the region of half an hour our demonstrations provide an introduction to Bartitsu and / or Antagonistics.  This includes an overview of the history, explanation of what we do and demonstrations of the techniques involved.  Where possible we try to include audience participation and always strive to keep the material lively and engaging.  This works best with a larger audience and fits well into a festival or other larger event.

Houghton Le Spring Heritage Day 2021

Seminars – These introductory classes are designed at giving people a chance to try out Bartitsu and Antagonistcs for themselves.  Normally lasting about an hour they cover a few topics to give a feel for the range of the techniques that we use.  Whilst not of interest to everyone they provide a more in depth and hands on experience to those who want to know a little more than we present in our demonstrations.  At larger events we often run demonstrations followed by seminars to allow people to engage at a level they feel comfortable with.

BSides Newcastle InfoSec Conference 2020

Lectures – Through our research several members of the Bartitsu & Antagonistics Forum have developed considerable knowledge about the more esoteric aspects of Victorian England.  Whilst not always strictly martial arts related we do offer to present this information for those who think it would be of interest.  Topics include the links between Victorian violence and the sensationalism of the printed press, investigating serial killers then and now, the Suffrajitsu bodyguards to the woman’s rights movement, Mesmerism and the development of hypnosis from side show to therapy and many others.

Other – Over several events we have also developed several other little activities that we use to fill in around our main attractions.  We offer several forms of duelling including nerf pistols, padded canes and tea; allowing you to settle your difference irrelevant of your aversion to physical activity.  On a few occasions we have been asked to do things of a more performance nature such as a comedy performance using Bartitsu slap stick and a reconstruction of a Victorian Séance for a small participatory audience.

Tiffin on the Trinc 2013

As you can see we are always looking to expand our range of distractions around our core goal of educating the public about Bartitsu and Antagonistics.  So if there is anything you think we may be able to assist you with then please do feel free to get in contact with us.

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