There are some vidoes that we have done that can be found on YouTube.

Reading Material

Pugilism – “Mendoza’s Treatise on Boxing” by Daniel Mendoza

Savate – “Manual of Savate and English Boxing” by Le Boucher

Ju-Jitsu – “Jiu-Jitsu and Other Methods of Self Defense” by Percy Longhurst

Sabre – “Cold Steel” by Alfred Hutton

Grading Strucutre

Whilst the membership of the forum is technically split into four ranks, it is expected most people will never advance beyond the second. Our focus has always been on learning and experimenting rather than sporting competition or graded testing. As such the ranks the forum recognises are as follows:

Initiate (Whitcane-3e Shirt) – This is the entry point to the forum and an initiate will spend their time learning the essentials of Classical Bartitsu as well as being taught to understand the philosophy of Neo Bartitsu.  Initiates are also taught weaponry and sparring as they are integral to learning Bartitus; but sparring is kept at the level of ‘BAF’ (a light contact game designed to teach the principles of fighting).

Scholar (Black Shirt) – This rank makes up the forum proper and the bulk of the members are at this level. Scholars spend their time practising Classical Bartitsu and assisting Initiates in their learning.  On top of this they also research and develop Neo Baritsu techniques for incorporation into personal and group styles.  Improvised weaponry is also taught at this level expanding the use of Bartitsu beyond the body to include the use of tools and traditional weapons.  A Scholar is also free to spar at any level they feel appropriate to their needs.  There are three core qualities that differentiate a scholar from and Initiate: knowledge of core techniques, dedication to Bartitsu and safety in sparring.  When an Initiate is able to demonstrate these qualities they are allowed to ‘take the black’.

Adept (Green Shirt) – This rank donates a Scholar who has shown considerable skill as well as the ability to guide and train others.  For most of the time an Adept participates as any other scholar, but at times they will take over running the class and teach a body of material.  In many ways this rank donates an assistant instructor and someone who can be relied on to assist others in all aspects of Bartitsu.

Provost (Red Shirt) – This is the top rank and is held by a qualified instructor who has responsibility to guide, teach and develop the whole group. They are responsible for planning training sessions and ensuring all students present get the most out of it.


The Bartitsu Society – The international Bartitsu Society blog.

Bartitsu – Wikipedia entry about bartitsu.

Bartitsu: a gentlemanly art – Article about bartitsu from the Linacre School of defence, a western martial art school in Oxford.

The Art of Manliness – A good introduction to Bartitsu as part of every modern day gentleman’s education.

The Bartitsu Club – Isle of Wight – One of the few other dedicated study groups in the UK.

Basingstoke Bartitsu Irregulars – A Bartitsu study group with less regular meetings.

Society for the Study of Swordsmanship – Local western martial arts group that, while not their main focus, study some elements of bartitsu.

The Bartitsu Compendium, Volume 1 – The essential book for learning Bartitsu – Buy this!

The Bartitsu Compendium. Volume 2 – The second instalment and in my opinion even better than the first – Buy this too!

The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes – A good DVD outlining Bartitsu and it’s links to Sherlock Holmes.

ASMAA – The All Style Martial Arts Association is an umbrella organisation providing quality training and development for all martial artists.  We are very proud to have been accepted as a member of this organisation.

Corsair’s Wares – A quality provider or historical arms and armour with incredibly helpful staff.

BB BlackDog – A fantastic Steampunk funk band headed up by the amazing Dale Rowles.

Impossible Gears – Local Steampunk emporium as well as doing a fantastic job organising events.